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Monday, December 5, 2011

Scenes From Pre-Christmas

Hey all!!!

It's been awhile.  During the almost week long power outage in the Autumn Storm, Alfred, I tried Vlogging on my iphone from the car, and it actually WORKED!

So, against all reason and common sense, I of course decided to keep it up. :P 

For a sneak preview, click here, it's called 'Tales From the Driver's Seat', and yeah, SHAMELESS COMMERCE! lol.. only it's FREE! 

Tales From the Driver's Seat #1

Now, onto matters of importance. 

Christmas. Rehearsals. Many. 

We on the worship team (just a fancy term for church band :) at New Life Church, are putting on this really cool Christmas program at the Oakdale on Christmas eve afternoon at 4 PM... If you want to be be inspired, COME!!! It, too, is free!!! 

BUT, prior to that, there are a myriad of rehearsals. 

Our F.L. (Fearless Leader) so named since he conducts with dynamic finesse, hears every (wrong) note, somehow by the grace of God manages to corral us into the right direction, and plays that shiny red gee-tar like a well aimed machine gun :) 
I "thin" he's a lot like a younger Ricky Ricardo. (Please don't tell me that I am the ONLY one that remembers that show)... *shake my head* 

So, here were are, a veritable gaggle-o-chatterboxes: cramped onto a sardine-fit platform. We don't really fit and spill off onto the floor................................ enter mass feedback... :( 

So.... despite the technical issues, we really are a happy family... albeit a LARGE and enthusiastic one.. :) 

We ARE getting pretty good at practicing... Hopefully we will get even better at it... and the pic? Well... you will have to ask Carlos (my musical partner in crime) about THAT one... 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love and Other Such Nonsense

So....you are forgetting things...no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to be in the present tense...

If you are like me, you avoid Single's events like the plague, stay uber busy, and have even worn your mom's diamond on either hand to stave off suitors. The thought of dating makes your blood run cold.

When it happens, it knocks you out like Tyson's left hook...reeling, you desperately cling to what sanity you can muster, trying to fathom how you left yourself vulnerable to that insidious little flying monster- the one that wreaks havoc on the innocent. Defenses all at once blasted to the outer stratosphere... another hapless victim of...

The LOVE Bug

Pic from Babyfavors.com

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Ever Present Agenda

Have you ever met someone and known, almost immediately, that they wanted something from you? I am not talking about that Electrolux salesman that always catches you as you are navigating the mile high stacks in the garage while trying to get to your car without causing a massive fallout. He's obvious...

I am also not talking about the per functional conversations in the "meet and greet" at church - or, to explain for the unaffiliated: the times that you are told to go find someone you don't know and MAKE SOME SORT of SMALL TALK! lol... (I have a friend that always manages to race to the bathroom once "the bell tolls" ... funny how 'Mother Nature' seems to strike at the SAME TIME every Sunday... :P )

While way too many people spend those looming 5 minutes interrogating and sucking information out of you like a trained CIA Agent, most folks are just trying to escape without incident... lol

We all have agendas, no? Needs to fill, quotas to meet - with jobs -they say it's not what you know but WHO you know...

At times, I have felt as if I only hear from people when they want something. That may, in fact, be true.

But then again, I guess we all DO have an agenda at times..

"Oh Don, I have to call Aunt Gertie to ask her for that pot roast recipe that Grandma used to make. I will get stuck on the phone forever, AND I will have to make small talk, too... *shake my head* Better butter up the old bird..."

I have noticed the insane amount of "events" that I get invited to... Some people use networking sites for the SOLE purpose of meeting their agenda. There are only so many things I can cram and press into an already tattered at the seams weekend... sigh ...

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I prefer to see you face to face...AND when I text, it's because I am not at a place where I can talk.. but I DO want to talk to you ... :)

I do, also, have to mention one wee detail.. Since I gave Jesus my life fifteen years ago, I also gave Him - the Great Tapestry Weaver, the rights to the agenda(s) as well.. while I sometimes grab them back like a starving Weight Watcher's dieter.... but that is another rabbit trail for another diatribe... :P

and He has the best agenda for me... and everyone He plants in my path :) so forget the agenda for just ONE moment... take the time for that lonely one this week... because truthfully, you never know what kind of impact you might make in their life!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Don't you just love GPS systems? No? Ok...when they work?!!

I use mine all the time, and admittedly, I have become more than a little reliant on them, when it comes to mapping.

Last weekend I went with the church band to NYC and saw this amazing group play - the Michael Gungor Band. Tighter than a rusted lugnut on a humid summer day.

Afterwards the three car caravan started back, bob and weave style, to Connecticut. The driver of the lead car was relying on a GPS system that he wasn't comfortable with. After a sultry and prolongued tour of Brookyln's narrowest roads, and by the immeasurable grace of God, we were finally back on course.

It's pretty easy to get off course. Trust me, I know! : D

One way to stay positioned is with God's Positiong System - aka, the Holy Spirit...

That system never fails - He keeps me on track. (despite some of my dubious rabbit trails, at times). Don't take my word for it, take His. :) The steps of a righteous (or "in right standing" person) are ordered by God - feel free to ask me about the right standing part... very cool... :D

So, with the right GPS? You may wander about a bit, but you don't stay LOST! :)

Have a great week!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Divided and United

Hey all!!! Do you remember me? It's been a while... that's a lot of silence for this quasi-blonde... :)

It's a steamy Monday night, and as per usual, I have something lurking up in this ever surprising mind of mine. Perhaps the steam has been a loosening agent... :P

Sooo.... it was a great weekend... I played Friday night with a bangin' group-o- musicians...in fact, I have come to be quite fond of them... it's getting so that we are getting used to each other musically.. it's that "magic" time, when you can start to anticipate what the other one(s) is/are going to do! You can really bounce off of each other! So much fun... (usually) lol... In fact... I got a hand cramp three times from playing like a F5 tornado! whew...it's been a while... :)

I played Saturday and Sunday both... and compared to Friday night? Totally different atmospheres, and such different vibes... one totally structured and the other totally not.

There are two sides to me, musically... One is the free spirit, just waiting for the next "free form" to let loose and explore! She loves musical adventure and "going for it"...

The other one is the dread perfectionist that thrives on the familiar... She is the one that likes to be ultra-uber-ridiculously prepared. SHE likes the control... but one the plus side.. she IS practiced, and that is a good thing! She's not a lot of fun, but she IS useful for keeping to the program...

and really?

Both sides are necessary for balance. I want to play skillfully... aaaaand be stretched... aaaand flow like a lava machine : )

That's a lot like my Father, actually.. He is free flowing - like the wind.. you can't SEE the wind, but you can see the EFFECTS of the wind!

and that other side? He likes order - predictably so.

So, I am thinking that maybe I am a lot like my Daddy :)

Have a great week!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep Digging!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I can't stay long, though.. I have some digging to do. Yeah, it's spring, and that means gardens everywhere are being delved into with rigor and gusto. The fragrances and blooms are enthralling. While there is much to be said along those lines, I have something else in mind as far as "digging" goes.

I suppose I am thinking more along the lines of spelunking, or caving. Exploring the depths of something to determine the contents.

Imagine the anticipation of the team as they clear the mouth of the cave. Winding and ominous, the stalactites drip a cadence echoing onto wet floor of the cave. Deeper in the explorers venture, away from the fresh air and light.

While it's true that "mining" here in the US is generally far from dangerous, the thrill of finding some weighty treasure is a lure for many!

Coal mining is pretty regulated here in the US and a lot safer than it ever was. There are two types, surface and underground. Much of the best mining is underground. That requires some digging.

If you want to get past surface knowledge of God, and discover the amazing wealth of knowledge, insight, and extraordinary character of the Creator of all life and matter - then you have to dig.

Use His word as a plumb line - and within it you will find nuggets that He hides just beyond the easy reach to propel you to KEEP DIGGING!

Wooing us closer and closer, He waits for us to find more and more about Him. As you hold a diamond in the light it refracts and reflects in a glorious display of tones and hues. In fact, we humans are only able to see a narrow range of electromagnetic wavelengths or light - just imagine the brilliance of a rainbow up close - seeing colors meld into one another!

Speaking of unimaginable colors- this is a small glimpse from the book of Revelation (chapter 4) about the throne of God... John, one of Jesus' disciples describes his vision -

1 After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” 2 At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. 3 And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. 4 Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads. 5 From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder. In front of the throne, seven lamps were blazing. These are the seven spirits[a]of God. 6 Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal. *

All I can say is it kind of makes me want to see the colors of heaven RIGHT NOW! : )

Have a GREAT week! and get your hands dirty! <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beginners and the need for grace

Hey! Welcome back! Thanks for your time! I am going to talk shop tonight :)

I went to an open mic jam in Granby last night...

It was a great jam, in fact! The house band slid sleekly from one jazz/blues standard to the next with barely a break in steam. The rhythm section was so hot I almost went home for oven mitts... lol... The head honcho is a really close friend of mine. This guy's chops are so good - never mind play behind his back, he can LOOK at the guitar's strings and they move - lol : P

I have learned a lot from him... Let's call him Barney.

Barney has played with everyone... He was down in Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and even recorded on a Percy Sledge album.. For those of you old enough to remember him... or albums, for that matter... :P

One thing he taught me was how to be a gracious player. He showed me by example. In essence, you can be the best player in the world, and if you are unkind to "the rookies", then you really aren't all that hot.

You know something? I have met some amazing players.. even played with some... No, I am not going to name drop... it's just obnoxious - *eyeroll*

Ironically, it seems the higher they are on the musical "food chain", in their cool confidence, they are more concerned with imparting to others than they are beefing up their egos. How strange.. It's almost like the equally perplexing relationship between pick-up truck tire size and height of the driver... : *

I was pretty cocky some years back. Big fish in a small pond syndrome... or rather "sin"drome... :) Annoying as all heck.

So, to get, rather grudgingly, to the POINT (lol) - it's this: I have had some rather humbling trips on "Grace Mountain". The first few times, I hurled headlong down... but slowly, I realized that (some of) those poor fumbling players learned from me...

The encouragement (which by the way means to give COURAGE) and the kind words from a pro, more than once, kept me from quitting.

It was pretty humbling to realize that I could have life IMPACT on the 'green ones.' :) and hopefully, someday, those newbies will take the fledglings under their wings... and teach them to fly :D

May your jams be soaring!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stretched to the breaking point

Ok... I have had more mental ramblings lately. My fervent hope is that I can convey them in a way that somehow resembles sense ... : P

The question I am going to pose to you tonight is this:

Are you being stretched? Stretched so tight you can almost see your bones underneath? O_o

I have had SOME kind of stretching lately...
How much more can I get pulled apart at the seams before before I BREAK!!?!?!? At nearly six feet tall, I think I am "stretched" enough! lol

But seriously, I can relate. I have had all kinds of struggles as of late... I won't tell you all of them, but I have been dealing with all kinds of doubts, financial windfalls, bends toward depression and hopelessness... it's sometimes so hard to remember "This, too, shall pass" - the constant encouragement that this old world is not my long term home... that I have a bright future and hope :D

There have been times during the past few weeks where I have felt that I am so alone, and no one understands the pain and loss that I have dealt with these past few years.

I really could have a great pity party... In fact, I have, truth be told. Unfortunately, I was the only one that showed up for the party, and it wasn't all that fun.

So... in answer to the above question? How far can we be stretched before we break? What if I tell you that for me, that was the whole POINT?!

"What?? You are certifiable", you grimace skeptically...

Yes, I am... most certainly... :) BUT this "testing" is GOOD! : )

Did you know that when silver and gold are heated to excruciatingly high temperatures the impurities, or dross are/is removed? Removing them makes the precious metals more and more (pure) beautiful! As the dross is removed, you can see your reflection more and more clearly in them. It takes time to remove ALL of the junk! It can be a long process!

When you combine pressure with heat in coal, it produces a diamond. Likewise, when we let the trials shape rather than shatter our character, we sparkle!

I, for one, am endlessly captivated by the beauty and sparkle of diamonds. <3

For me, my trials and pains aren't wasted! I have a promise from my Father, (the Heavenly One) that every pain I go through will have a purpose... that somehow - someway He will produce something good! Even if it seems hopeless... He LOVES hopeless, cuz for Him, it's not!

Remember that when the kitchen gets too hot...

and have a "sparkling" week!

Thank you to the Open School of Gemology for the blog pic : )

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am, for once, going to cut to the chase and try desperately hard not to rabbit trail. Though it seems like an insurmountable feat... I. Will. Be. Focused. : ) What I am going to toss out there may be a bit controversial, but truthfully, that doesn't always stop me... :p
I want to talk about Love. Real LOVE. Not the 'I "love"you today, but tomorrow you will bore me to tears' kind of "love". That ISN'T even love. Not the "I love you cuz you liked me first' love either. Again...not the real deal. Or my favorite... "Well... if it's convenient, I will "love" you'...We are so fickle aren't we? : *

We live in a disposable society. If something breaks, more often than not, it's more expensive to repair something than replace it.... and FORGET printers... You are almost better to but a new one than replace those ink cartridges... and marriage? It's taken a beating...sigh... we get bored and move on...or worse..give up. We just don't 'get it' sometimes...

Real love costs something. Sacrifice!? yes... time, money, effort. It requires compromise (the GOOD kind) when you usually DON'T want to... it's about not giving up or in...

Real love doesn't care what you have done, what you smell like, what your income is, or how you dress. Real love doesn't even care how well you play the bass... (though I might - haha!!)

Real LOVE came down here two thousand years ago, and still cares about you! So if you want to know the real love that is beyond any human understanding, and can forgive you of any sin that you have done, or maybe are even in the midst of - 'For God so LOVED the world, that whoever believes on Him will not perish, but have everlasting life! John 3:16... if you want to know more about this love, I'm here.. send me a line!

This week, if you are thinking about love, think about this... unlike people, He (Jesus: real LOVE) won't ever leave you - you are NEVER alone... <3

I hope you have an amazing LOVE filled week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Of songs and writing

So... yes, another blog post. I know, I know... you haven't read the last one yet... perhaps you haven't read any... that's fine! I write them when I feel the unction to write. 'What's on your mind,' you ask, somewhat warily. : )

I want to talk to you about writing...song writing... I have been on a relatively new kick...

I have been playing the bass for almost THIRTY years! Good grief! I can sing backups, but lead??? sigh... and well, I haven't become the bass player extraordinnaire ... : ( .... but I have delved into songwriting... not so easy when your main instrument is not the typical accompanying kind...

EVERYONE seems to play guitar or keys... I just never wanted to... so, it's a bit limiting... in some ways it's like trying to write melody on the drums... : * sigh ... (now if I were Victor Wooten,or Jaco, or Stanley...well, I wouldn't be writing a modest blog and looking for work, now would I???) lol

Now, I have noooo recording and production prowess... and no software... and sadly... NO THEORY... Doesn't look too promising, does it?

BUT - I discovered the coolest thing! It's Chordbook, an online program that lets you see the chord on the guitar and hear the strum! So, I can find the corresponding chord to what I am "hearing", put a name to it, and save it for when I DO have someone to work with! It lets you save your chords and keep stuff for reference..

I actually wrote something on it, and recorded the thing on my Voice Memo app on my Iphone... crazy technology huh?

So, if I can actually find someone that wants to play with an old lady that can still rock a good funk groove, and thinks that "the church" really SHOULD play the blues, (cuz after all, King David wrote some kickin' blues material) then we'll talk... and have coffee... and jam : )

Keep looking up!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joys of Estrogen

Ok... this one may scare you guys - er, men off.... the title is certainly daunting... and I admit, at times I display the "spaghetti maze" of thinking that IS the female mind...We have been confounding men down through the ages... lol

Yet, I, sometimes, don't understand women... and I am one. I am a little off center, I suppose most creative types/musicians are - with that having been said... let me describe my typical experience when meeting a woman that is... shall we delicately say: 'past childhood rearing years'.

Scene: a typical women's church function - around the craft table -
I am surrounded by about ten middle aged 'ish' women. We are chatting cheerily away about typical "girlie" things - work, God,cooking, children, the men and issues in our lives. Suddenly out of nowhere, the woman next to me stares intently at me and blurts out - How OLD are you!?!? Me, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the subject. Old age has crept up quite sinisterly on me, and I am not at all used to being in the throes of mid life. sigh... Why does that question weigh so heavily on most women that they absolutely NEED to know how old you are?

My guess: the old 'Compare and Compete' syndrome? "Am I as pretty as she is? Am I prettier? How do I compare?" Why does everything have to turn into a competition? Does it really matter? (insert frustrated sigh here) The outer stuff fades anyways... beauty is nice to see, but if you have no inner beauty, then in my opinion, you really AREN'T beautiful...

(and if you really want to know what God thinks is beautiful go to www.biblegateway.com and quick/keyword search 'beautiful'. I think you will be mighty surprised!)

I have one more proverbial bone to pick with the female gender. You see guys, even WE, at times, get sooo vexed with --- DRAMA... I really only want to experience drama if I am sitting in a semi comfortable air-conditioned seat and someone paid for the ticket. : ) AND no one around me is talking on their cell phone or putting their feet on the back of my seat. Gum snapping is also discouraged. (Don't their parents teach kids any social courtesies these days?) sigh... that is for another rabbit trail, entirely.

Men can be sooo much easier to relate to. I envy ANYONE that can actually think about NOTHING! Really! I do... Let's face it, if I have 15,000 words per day and the man I am with has about 500, it can make for a crowded evening.. Ladies, it's so worth it to use up those many extra words on a woman that can actually pay attention without getting tired! lol

But seriously, though we speak two totally different languages in every conceivable way, when the two halves come together, it's pretty neat! What a design plan! Have a great weekend, all! <>< : )

Monday, March 7, 2011

No time to quit!

You came back! Thanks! Glutton for "pun"ishment, eh? This week's contemplative ramblings are simmering on the back burner- or at least trying. : )

My favorite Book - I call it Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.. (no, not an original name, but really cool, nonetheless!) has a lot to say about giving up. Quitting. Throwing in the towel. (WHERE exactly does that towel go, anyway??? ) just sayin' - :D

But even more amazingly - I am way more excited about what it says about NOT giving up... we 'super spiritual' types call it persevering. :P
There is a whole section that compares our lives to that of a runner in a race. As we 'run', we need to keep our eyes on the prize... the goal... the finish line. The reward.

For those of us that belong to Jesus Christ, He is our prize. He got us into this race, and He is the one that welcomes us at the end of it! :) kind of like Bill Cosby when he quips "Keep it up... I brought you into this world... I can take you OUT of it." lol... anyway.. of course I digress.. Seriously... He's such a Prize that we even hand Him back the winnings! : )

But even if you are not a Christian, think about it. Have you ever played a game of pool? When you are setting up your shot, you keep your eyes not on the cue ball, but at the ball you are trying to get into the pocket.

Keeping my eye on the finish line will do a number of things. It keeps me from getting distracted...and from looking around at the other racers, or those on the sidelines for that matter.. and Lord knows, I sure don't want to look in a mirror at that moment.. Frizz city with a nasty helping of smelly super soaked!

So... if you are tempted to quit...don't. Hang in there... Run hard! Run well! and win!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too busy to breathe?

Hey all!!!

Welcome back to my life! There has been a theme winding it's way around my cerebral cortex for a while now... : ) and therefore, as you may have figured out, that generally morphs itself to a blog entry... : P

As I sit here and try to unravel the yarn that I have been spinning tirelessly (lol) lately, there are a few things that have struck me as a "Mayday". Maybe for you? Definitely for me!

Time seems to be such a precious commodity. With X amount of hours in the day, and XY and Z to get accomplished, how can we establish and maintain a somewhat stress free balance in our harried schedules?

I can tell you that I used to pride myself on my ability to multi task... I mean, doesn't EVERYONE take their tax info to the bubble bath??? lol... Granted it IS easier for women to multi task than men.. We inherit that : ) BUT, what we don't inherit, is frenzy.

As far as I can tell, we have choices. We can CHOOSE what we want to make a priority. Healthy boundaries and learning the word NO (heck - babies know THAT one!!!) can be a valuable tool for regaining sanity.

(Dr. Henry Cloud, Clinical Psychologist, wrote an insightful and needful book on boundaries in relationships, check it out!) I sometimes have to give myself permission to say no... that's a tough one for people pleasers. (still recovering, I am : )

Another point... I don't want to reach the end of my days with regrets. Especially with regards to (loving) people. : )

I find that if I leave my self open to be available, I can be used by the One that has some awesome things for me to do. For and WITH Him... : D ... and the last thought I have to leave you with is this...there is an awesome verse in my favorite Book that tells us that being in a state of rest or stasis, is where we need to be restored to.

"Take My yoke upon you. Let Me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Doesn't THAT say it best?

Have a great week - and slow down a little.. it'll be good for you and those you love! <3>

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's in charge?

Hey there! Welcome back! I am never quite sure if anyone but Lori Haire actually reads this, so thanks Lori, in advance! lol *wink*

It was a great weekend - lots of bass playing and a super funky jam that still has my heart a flutter... you know... Hammond B 3/Leslie pumping from a keyboard and phat drums.... Happy Happy Joy Joy : ) yeah and some really tasty guitar too... stomping, funky, gospel lovliness... siiiiiigh...

Anyway, it was awesome... and with playing at church, it's just such a different dynamic than I ever had hittin' it in the clubs...

For one thing, the competition was grueling. Had to be THE best... and let me tell you, you might think that things have changed for women in music, but people STILL are surprised if you play aggressively... it can be a challenge to play well and keep your girlie "fluff factor" <3>

It does seem you have to be twice as good in many eyes to count.. sigh.. almost like the value of one muslim man = two muslim women... just agitating...

So, when I had a radical run in with the same God I had been running from all my life, it's been a whole new world playing for Him... and with His peeps...

For one thing, praying before I/we play does wonders... sure beats the lucky rabbit's feet and shirts :) they never DID work... lol

Then there is the difference between me playing in my own strength and letting Jesus play through me.. Ludicrous concept to anyone that hasn't been there... I know.. sounds really hocus pocus.. BUT.. now that he has made my heart His home, it's a benefit of being His kid.... ; )

And let me tell you.. having way more joy than I ever had makes for better playing too... and YES, you can be a Christian and still kick some killer blues... : D ... ask Lloyd.. He's the real deal... (If you are skeptical, read the Psalms -yeah, it's in the Bible: they aren't all written in Kings James English anymore, thankfully) ... the book of Psalms were written by a King that had to keep one step ahead of the sword at all times!!!

My struggle, truthfullly? Keeping humble... you see some awesome things, it can be a real challenge to keep the thanks at the source.. so if you are a praying kind, send one up? MUCH APPRECIATED!

Have an awesome week- and remember, if you want to heat up the place, TURN UP THE BASS!!!! <3>

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it snow

Hey all!!! It's snowing. Not a big surprise, it IS New England. It IS winter. (I started the countdown to spring yesterday - 70 days left til spring officially starts.) As to "weather" or not we see warmth and green, God Himself only knows :)

Ok, after the per functional weather comments, I would like to take it a level deeper. Get the shovel ready... : P

I made up my mind that I wasn't going to spend the entire winter griping about how I would rather be in South Carolina, (they, strangely, are digging themselves out of a heap o snow), nor do I want to get into endless convos about when the winter might relent or how many storms are we going to have this year... I really don't want to dwell on the inconvenience of winter, that's obvious. It certainly won't change anything but your blood pressure.. : (

There ARE beautiful things about winter. I am determined to keep them in my sight.. Let's see.. No FLIES can survive this weather, and since I abhor the dread beasts, this is an obvious giant plus!

The silence of snow is enthralling. Ever walked in the falling snow with no cars plodding and shoving along? When the only sound you could hear was the faint rustle of the wind through branches and the crunch under your feet?

I can almost see the hibernating animals underneath their soft white blanket, dreaming of dinner, nestled warmly.

Winter houses Christmas : ) ... you also don't have to deal with the triple Hs...Hazy/hot/humid... *insert angelic choir, here*

Hot cocoa, eggnog ANYTHING!, fireplaces, good times with loved ones, games and movies, lending a hand (with a shovel in it) to a neighbor in need...

So, what is YOUR favorite part of winter? I'd love to know!

Thanks to www.snowcrystals.com for the gorgeous pic!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Confessions of a Control Freak

Ok... so maybe I have control issues... so the toilet paper has to hang over the top of the roll... and it just "makes sense" to have all my pieces of clothing face the same way in the closet... and again, it's uncomfortable to hold hands with someone backwards...

It has been brought to my attention lately, ... that I have some "problems" with control. That's my take. Yessir! Just tendencies. right??... : P

What seems to bring out the worst of my clutching grip over my circumstances is when plans change. I hate change. In fact, the only change I DO like is in my coin jar. Or wallet. Watch the traffic back up like a clogged septic tank, and you can watch me go from (ok, here's where I date myself) deep blue on the mood ring to onyx black. Planning cascades out the window - a dissolving pipe-dream. Or watch me squirm like a toddler in a highchair when "Fearless Leader" changes a set list... yeah... sigh.. it's bad...

Letting go? Hmmm... I would rather ride a camel in New York city traffic in mid August. Smells and all... I'd also rather face a blind date... or even buy a bathing suit! ok... I would rather HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN!!! (watch out for the lightening bolt on THAT one!) : P

So where are you going with all this rambling, you ask?? (wearily, I might add) : D

Just to point out the trust and control are linked. I know in Whom I trust. Not that it's been easy. It's been a process. I am in process. A kicking and screaming process, but in a process, nonetheless...

The One who made me can certainly keep me. He has hundreds of promises to that effect. Little by little, my fingers become unpried from holding on to my life with death talons. You might not see grass grow day to day, but it DOES grow... and with a smile and upraised open hand, and I get closer to Home!