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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it snow

Hey all!!! It's snowing. Not a big surprise, it IS New England. It IS winter. (I started the countdown to spring yesterday - 70 days left til spring officially starts.) As to "weather" or not we see warmth and green, God Himself only knows :)

Ok, after the per functional weather comments, I would like to take it a level deeper. Get the shovel ready... : P

I made up my mind that I wasn't going to spend the entire winter griping about how I would rather be in South Carolina, (they, strangely, are digging themselves out of a heap o snow), nor do I want to get into endless convos about when the winter might relent or how many storms are we going to have this year... I really don't want to dwell on the inconvenience of winter, that's obvious. It certainly won't change anything but your blood pressure.. : (

There ARE beautiful things about winter. I am determined to keep them in my sight.. Let's see.. No FLIES can survive this weather, and since I abhor the dread beasts, this is an obvious giant plus!

The silence of snow is enthralling. Ever walked in the falling snow with no cars plodding and shoving along? When the only sound you could hear was the faint rustle of the wind through branches and the crunch under your feet?

I can almost see the hibernating animals underneath their soft white blanket, dreaming of dinner, nestled warmly.

Winter houses Christmas : ) ... you also don't have to deal with the triple Hs...Hazy/hot/humid... *insert angelic choir, here*

Hot cocoa, eggnog ANYTHING!, fireplaces, good times with loved ones, games and movies, lending a hand (with a shovel in it) to a neighbor in need...

So, what is YOUR favorite part of winter? I'd love to know!

Thanks to www.snowcrystals.com for the gorgeous pic!


  1. My favorite season is the Fall........the only problem there is, it is so short.... I love your writings....just wanted to let you know! HUGS my friend!

  2. YEAH for positivity!!! :D (insert happy clapping) I love it and I love the same things you do about Winter! Well....except for the flies, they don't bother me like they do you, but everything else you mentioned I love too. Love you!!! :)