A Little Bird Told Me..,

Friday, April 9, 2010

By the sea

My favorite place, hands down, is by the ocean. I can have all kinds of tumult in my life, but steer me by the sea, and I am instantly at rest. I love the smells, sounds, and feel of the salt water. Sorry, but for me, lakes are way too slimy.

Easter weekend, I packed up and ventured to New Bedford, MA, my family’s land - o - origin. I landed at my cousin JoJo’s house and holed away in the cat free bedroom upstairs. I got to connect with family I haven’t seen for ages- my dad’s side of the family. My family is so matriarchal, it can be a fight to stay connected to dad’s relatives, but it is sooo worth it – what a treasure chest they are! All different jewels: displayed in different fashions and colors, but irreplaceable, all the same. : )

Easter morning, the dilemma came. Where to attend church… hmmm.. after pouring through the online listings, I came up with two options... and both proved fruitless. After driving around unable to connect with anyone via phone, or find any viable service that sounded like a good fit, I ended up frustrated at Fort Taber. It is a memorial park, located about 3/4 mile from my cousin’s house.

As I walked around the paths with my ipod pounding in my ears, I soaked in the beautiful panoramic view. I landed on a bench to get quiet, the crashing of the waves settled my disquieted spirit. As I sat breathing in my home away from home, I pondered the Scripture where the Lord is creating the earth. It mentions that His spirit hovered over the waters. I could just imagine the thick cloud of His presence hovering over the newly formed waters, as land masses instantly appeared, separating the seas; steam and clouds, full throttle. It never ceases to amaze me that those Hands still hover close by to those that are His…