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Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing for an audience of One .... and....

So...Happy Monday! This weekend was great! I played Friday night, Sat evening, Sunday AM three times! It was a pleasure- my leader at New Life, Jean Sandoval, is a really engaging leader.. it's been a thrill to have the interaction.. and I LOVE that... I love to get lost in the presence of God - there aren't enough words to describe that one.. : D .. but on a human level, that is one of the things that I miss the most about playing in church... the joy of playing!!! not just about sounding good, although, it crushes my flesh and tests me painfully when I sound bad... ahhhhhhh... but the interaction when we play.. it's precious to me..

I am binding with the team, and for me, the relational stuff is as important as leading people into worship. The interplay between us is as much fun as it can be. We listen to each other.. really listen. The quandry? How can we play skillfully without keeping people so captivated by skill that they forget the Lord? How can we entice those watching to GO DEEPER? Short of playing behind a black curtain, I haven't a clue. My job is to seek after God with my whole heart, show up with the right attitude, and let my Papa set the agenda... <3>

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bits and pieces

Hey! Thanks for coming back. Today, I have a lot on my mind. My cousin, Caroline, had major surgery two days ago, and I am praying for her; well, all of my family, actually. For Caroline's healing, of course, and for them to find and experience the incredible peace and power/presence of God. That knowledge: that He loves me, died for me, and wants me to experience life by His side, was enough to transform this wreck into a Masterpiece. It's overwhelming sometimes, wanting those I love to find this Truth.. That's the first thing I have on my mind.

Secondly, it's been a slow work week. I don't, as of yet, have rent. Nor any of the other bill money that I need.. yesterday. But if I have learned anything, it's this. That I can count on God to make a way where there is none... He loves an empty canvas to paint on. This canvas is pretty empty. As I slowly but "surly" lol, learn to rely on the faithfulness of God, I reflect on the other times that He has come through for me. Times where I would discover money in my checking account that absolutely should NOT have been there, unexpected grace in a bill, or someone met a need at the last possible moment, much to my delighted surprise!

Another thing on my mind is just that.. my mind.. what am I feeding it? That which I feed will GROW!!!! I am learning to cultivate good thinking. Learning not to give any power to the negative and toxic thoughts. Am I successful? Let's just say that I am looking up - : ) God's Word is the best seed you can plant in a mind.

Jesus always spoke life.. He still does... : D. It does take some discipline: replacing the thoughts that produce death with the ones that produce life.. then learning to speak that same stuff over others! Seriously, it's life changing stuff!

My friend, Pam. I am praying for her, as well.. She has had more health issues than anyone I know. Unbelievable stuff. Never has the thief been able to keep her joy, and I learn so much from her. She doesn't take anything or anyone for granted. She lives and loves for today.

I can't remember ever hearing her complain. This from the one that fusses over a bad hair day. Sadly, I have many of those ;-P. But really, her perspective is right on. In the span of eternity, a few years isn't such a big deal- not when you can look forward to such an awesome "after."

I had a loss this week. My super Bose earphones got lifted the other night. After a wonderful time at a picnic, it was late. I headed over to Eli Cannon's in Middletown, where I met up with an old friend. He's in Nashville, playing with famous people, and I sat with him and a few other friends. We laughed, talked and had a really great time.

Then, we headed over to laugh at-er, listen to some really really awful karaoke singing.. it was torturous in my ears.. lol.. I even recorded the worst one. I sadly shook my head, wondering WHY people tell them that they can sing.. the next morning, I looked for my earphones, as they are my hands free device, as well. They were gone from my purse.

At first, I felt violated. Why Lord, I grumbled? I had just thrown all of my accessories in the little black case they came in as well. It was almost as if I was "giving" them my best. Here take it!!! Enjoy! But really, what do I have that I wasn't given? Then my response turned. Maybe the person that took them really needed them. Maybe there are just going to sell them for drug money. No matter, what is really key is my response.

I really needed the earphones, no question. Lower bass frequency earphones can make a world of difference learning bass lines. Especially from You Tube. But no thief is going to take my joy over it. Lord willing, I will get another set, or learn to do without. Let my treasures be stored up in heaven, where no moth or rust can destroy <3.>

So there you have it, an honest look at the struggles and opportunities for growth. And way more female thinking than I bet you bargained for... ha ha ha ... but thanks for stopping by - <3

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Since the word bless means literally, to make happy -
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