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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joys of Estrogen

Ok... this one may scare you guys - er, men off.... the title is certainly daunting... and I admit, at times I display the "spaghetti maze" of thinking that IS the female mind...We have been confounding men down through the ages... lol

Yet, I, sometimes, don't understand women... and I am one. I am a little off center, I suppose most creative types/musicians are - with that having been said... let me describe my typical experience when meeting a woman that is... shall we delicately say: 'past childhood rearing years'.

Scene: a typical women's church function - around the craft table -
I am surrounded by about ten middle aged 'ish' women. We are chatting cheerily away about typical "girlie" things - work, God,cooking, children, the men and issues in our lives. Suddenly out of nowhere, the woman next to me stares intently at me and blurts out - How OLD are you!?!? Me, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the subject. Old age has crept up quite sinisterly on me, and I am not at all used to being in the throes of mid life. sigh... Why does that question weigh so heavily on most women that they absolutely NEED to know how old you are?

My guess: the old 'Compare and Compete' syndrome? "Am I as pretty as she is? Am I prettier? How do I compare?" Why does everything have to turn into a competition? Does it really matter? (insert frustrated sigh here) The outer stuff fades anyways... beauty is nice to see, but if you have no inner beauty, then in my opinion, you really AREN'T beautiful...

(and if you really want to know what God thinks is beautiful go to www.biblegateway.com and quick/keyword search 'beautiful'. I think you will be mighty surprised!)

I have one more proverbial bone to pick with the female gender. You see guys, even WE, at times, get sooo vexed with --- DRAMA... I really only want to experience drama if I am sitting in a semi comfortable air-conditioned seat and someone paid for the ticket. : ) AND no one around me is talking on their cell phone or putting their feet on the back of my seat. Gum snapping is also discouraged. (Don't their parents teach kids any social courtesies these days?) sigh... that is for another rabbit trail, entirely.

Men can be sooo much easier to relate to. I envy ANYONE that can actually think about NOTHING! Really! I do... Let's face it, if I have 15,000 words per day and the man I am with has about 500, it can make for a crowded evening.. Ladies, it's so worth it to use up those many extra words on a woman that can actually pay attention without getting tired! lol

But seriously, though we speak two totally different languages in every conceivable way, when the two halves come together, it's pretty neat! What a design plan! Have a great weekend, all! <>< : )


  1. :) she was just jealous cause you were cuter than her !!! and she was probably older too!! love youxo

    Kelly S