A Little Bird Told Me..,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Divided and United

Hey all!!! Do you remember me? It's been a while... that's a lot of silence for this quasi-blonde... :)

It's a steamy Monday night, and as per usual, I have something lurking up in this ever surprising mind of mine. Perhaps the steam has been a loosening agent... :P

Sooo.... it was a great weekend... I played Friday night with a bangin' group-o- musicians...in fact, I have come to be quite fond of them... it's getting so that we are getting used to each other musically.. it's that "magic" time, when you can start to anticipate what the other one(s) is/are going to do! You can really bounce off of each other! So much fun... (usually) lol... In fact... I got a hand cramp three times from playing like a F5 tornado! whew...it's been a while... :)

I played Saturday and Sunday both... and compared to Friday night? Totally different atmospheres, and such different vibes... one totally structured and the other totally not.

There are two sides to me, musically... One is the free spirit, just waiting for the next "free form" to let loose and explore! She loves musical adventure and "going for it"...

The other one is the dread perfectionist that thrives on the familiar... She is the one that likes to be ultra-uber-ridiculously prepared. SHE likes the control... but one the plus side.. she IS practiced, and that is a good thing! She's not a lot of fun, but she IS useful for keeping to the program...

and really?

Both sides are necessary for balance. I want to play skillfully... aaaaand be stretched... aaaand flow like a lava machine : )

That's a lot like my Father, actually.. He is free flowing - like the wind.. you can't SEE the wind, but you can see the EFFECTS of the wind!

and that other side? He likes order - predictably so.

So, I am thinking that maybe I am a lot like my Daddy :)

Have a great week!