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Monday, March 7, 2011

No time to quit!

You came back! Thanks! Glutton for "pun"ishment, eh? This week's contemplative ramblings are simmering on the back burner- or at least trying. : )

My favorite Book - I call it Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.. (no, not an original name, but really cool, nonetheless!) has a lot to say about giving up. Quitting. Throwing in the towel. (WHERE exactly does that towel go, anyway??? ) just sayin' - :D

But even more amazingly - I am way more excited about what it says about NOT giving up... we 'super spiritual' types call it persevering. :P
There is a whole section that compares our lives to that of a runner in a race. As we 'run', we need to keep our eyes on the prize... the goal... the finish line. The reward.

For those of us that belong to Jesus Christ, He is our prize. He got us into this race, and He is the one that welcomes us at the end of it! :) kind of like Bill Cosby when he quips "Keep it up... I brought you into this world... I can take you OUT of it." lol... anyway.. of course I digress.. Seriously... He's such a Prize that we even hand Him back the winnings! : )

But even if you are not a Christian, think about it. Have you ever played a game of pool? When you are setting up your shot, you keep your eyes not on the cue ball, but at the ball you are trying to get into the pocket.

Keeping my eye on the finish line will do a number of things. It keeps me from getting distracted...and from looking around at the other racers, or those on the sidelines for that matter.. and Lord knows, I sure don't want to look in a mirror at that moment.. Frizz city with a nasty helping of smelly super soaked!

So... if you are tempted to quit...don't. Hang in there... Run hard! Run well! and win!

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