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Monday, December 5, 2011

Scenes From Pre-Christmas

Hey all!!!

It's been awhile.  During the almost week long power outage in the Autumn Storm, Alfred, I tried Vlogging on my iphone from the car, and it actually WORKED!

So, against all reason and common sense, I of course decided to keep it up. :P 

For a sneak preview, click here, it's called 'Tales From the Driver's Seat', and yeah, SHAMELESS COMMERCE! lol.. only it's FREE! 

Tales From the Driver's Seat #1

Now, onto matters of importance. 

Christmas. Rehearsals. Many. 

We on the worship team (just a fancy term for church band :) at New Life Church, are putting on this really cool Christmas program at the Oakdale on Christmas eve afternoon at 4 PM... If you want to be be inspired, COME!!! It, too, is free!!! 

BUT, prior to that, there are a myriad of rehearsals. 

Our F.L. (Fearless Leader) so named since he conducts with dynamic finesse, hears every (wrong) note, somehow by the grace of God manages to corral us into the right direction, and plays that shiny red gee-tar like a well aimed machine gun :) 
I "thin" he's a lot like a younger Ricky Ricardo. (Please don't tell me that I am the ONLY one that remembers that show)... *shake my head* 

So, here were are, a veritable gaggle-o-chatterboxes: cramped onto a sardine-fit platform. We don't really fit and spill off onto the floor................................ enter mass feedback... :( 

So.... despite the technical issues, we really are a happy family... albeit a LARGE and enthusiastic one.. :) 

We ARE getting pretty good at practicing... Hopefully we will get even better at it... and the pic? Well... you will have to ask Carlos (my musical partner in crime) about THAT one...