A Little Bird Told Me..,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's in charge?

Hey there! Welcome back! I am never quite sure if anyone but Lori Haire actually reads this, so thanks Lori, in advance! lol *wink*

It was a great weekend - lots of bass playing and a super funky jam that still has my heart a flutter... you know... Hammond B 3/Leslie pumping from a keyboard and phat drums.... Happy Happy Joy Joy : ) yeah and some really tasty guitar too... stomping, funky, gospel lovliness... siiiiiigh...

Anyway, it was awesome... and with playing at church, it's just such a different dynamic than I ever had hittin' it in the clubs...

For one thing, the competition was grueling. Had to be THE best... and let me tell you, you might think that things have changed for women in music, but people STILL are surprised if you play aggressively... it can be a challenge to play well and keep your girlie "fluff factor" <3>

It does seem you have to be twice as good in many eyes to count.. sigh.. almost like the value of one muslim man = two muslim women... just agitating...

So, when I had a radical run in with the same God I had been running from all my life, it's been a whole new world playing for Him... and with His peeps...

For one thing, praying before I/we play does wonders... sure beats the lucky rabbit's feet and shirts :) they never DID work... lol

Then there is the difference between me playing in my own strength and letting Jesus play through me.. Ludicrous concept to anyone that hasn't been there... I know.. sounds really hocus pocus.. BUT.. now that he has made my heart His home, it's a benefit of being His kid.... ; )

And let me tell you.. having way more joy than I ever had makes for better playing too... and YES, you can be a Christian and still kick some killer blues... : D ... ask Lloyd.. He's the real deal... (If you are skeptical, read the Psalms -yeah, it's in the Bible: they aren't all written in Kings James English anymore, thankfully) ... the book of Psalms were written by a King that had to keep one step ahead of the sword at all times!!!

My struggle, truthfullly? Keeping humble... you see some awesome things, it can be a real challenge to keep the thanks at the source.. so if you are a praying kind, send one up? MUCH APPRECIATED!

Have an awesome week- and remember, if you want to heat up the place, TURN UP THE BASS!!!! <3>

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it snow

Hey all!!! It's snowing. Not a big surprise, it IS New England. It IS winter. (I started the countdown to spring yesterday - 70 days left til spring officially starts.) As to "weather" or not we see warmth and green, God Himself only knows :)

Ok, after the per functional weather comments, I would like to take it a level deeper. Get the shovel ready... : P

I made up my mind that I wasn't going to spend the entire winter griping about how I would rather be in South Carolina, (they, strangely, are digging themselves out of a heap o snow), nor do I want to get into endless convos about when the winter might relent or how many storms are we going to have this year... I really don't want to dwell on the inconvenience of winter, that's obvious. It certainly won't change anything but your blood pressure.. : (

There ARE beautiful things about winter. I am determined to keep them in my sight.. Let's see.. No FLIES can survive this weather, and since I abhor the dread beasts, this is an obvious giant plus!

The silence of snow is enthralling. Ever walked in the falling snow with no cars plodding and shoving along? When the only sound you could hear was the faint rustle of the wind through branches and the crunch under your feet?

I can almost see the hibernating animals underneath their soft white blanket, dreaming of dinner, nestled warmly.

Winter houses Christmas : ) ... you also don't have to deal with the triple Hs...Hazy/hot/humid... *insert angelic choir, here*

Hot cocoa, eggnog ANYTHING!, fireplaces, good times with loved ones, games and movies, lending a hand (with a shovel in it) to a neighbor in need...

So, what is YOUR favorite part of winter? I'd love to know!

Thanks to www.snowcrystals.com for the gorgeous pic!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Confessions of a Control Freak

Ok... so maybe I have control issues... so the toilet paper has to hang over the top of the roll... and it just "makes sense" to have all my pieces of clothing face the same way in the closet... and again, it's uncomfortable to hold hands with someone backwards...

It has been brought to my attention lately, ... that I have some "problems" with control. That's my take. Yessir! Just tendencies. right??... : P

What seems to bring out the worst of my clutching grip over my circumstances is when plans change. I hate change. In fact, the only change I DO like is in my coin jar. Or wallet. Watch the traffic back up like a clogged septic tank, and you can watch me go from (ok, here's where I date myself) deep blue on the mood ring to onyx black. Planning cascades out the window - a dissolving pipe-dream. Or watch me squirm like a toddler in a highchair when "Fearless Leader" changes a set list... yeah... sigh.. it's bad...

Letting go? Hmmm... I would rather ride a camel in New York city traffic in mid August. Smells and all... I'd also rather face a blind date... or even buy a bathing suit! ok... I would rather HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN!!! (watch out for the lightening bolt on THAT one!) : P

So where are you going with all this rambling, you ask?? (wearily, I might add) : D

Just to point out the trust and control are linked. I know in Whom I trust. Not that it's been easy. It's been a process. I am in process. A kicking and screaming process, but in a process, nonetheless...

The One who made me can certainly keep me. He has hundreds of promises to that effect. Little by little, my fingers become unpried from holding on to my life with death talons. You might not see grass grow day to day, but it DOES grow... and with a smile and upraised open hand, and I get closer to Home!