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Monday, March 21, 2011

Of songs and writing

So... yes, another blog post. I know, I know... you haven't read the last one yet... perhaps you haven't read any... that's fine! I write them when I feel the unction to write. 'What's on your mind,' you ask, somewhat warily. : )

I want to talk to you about writing...song writing... I have been on a relatively new kick...

I have been playing the bass for almost THIRTY years! Good grief! I can sing backups, but lead??? sigh... and well, I haven't become the bass player extraordinnaire ... : ( .... but I have delved into songwriting... not so easy when your main instrument is not the typical accompanying kind...

EVERYONE seems to play guitar or keys... I just never wanted to... so, it's a bit limiting... in some ways it's like trying to write melody on the drums... : * sigh ... (now if I were Victor Wooten,or Jaco, or Stanley...well, I wouldn't be writing a modest blog and looking for work, now would I???) lol

Now, I have noooo recording and production prowess... and no software... and sadly... NO THEORY... Doesn't look too promising, does it?

BUT - I discovered the coolest thing! It's Chordbook, an online program that lets you see the chord on the guitar and hear the strum! So, I can find the corresponding chord to what I am "hearing", put a name to it, and save it for when I DO have someone to work with! It lets you save your chords and keep stuff for reference..

I actually wrote something on it, and recorded the thing on my Voice Memo app on my Iphone... crazy technology huh?

So, if I can actually find someone that wants to play with an old lady that can still rock a good funk groove, and thinks that "the church" really SHOULD play the blues, (cuz after all, King David wrote some kickin' blues material) then we'll talk... and have coffee... and jam : )

Keep looking up!



  1. like!! i played bass guitar for the worship team before i played acoustic....i used to really enjoy it too! (mind you, i was a total beginner and it is one of those things i had no business doing, but the LORD opened the doors for it...so i guess i DID have business doing it...) :)

  2. Awww Jessica, you are so talented! <3