A Little Bird Told Me..,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Ever Present Agenda

Have you ever met someone and known, almost immediately, that they wanted something from you? I am not talking about that Electrolux salesman that always catches you as you are navigating the mile high stacks in the garage while trying to get to your car without causing a massive fallout. He's obvious...

I am also not talking about the per functional conversations in the "meet and greet" at church - or, to explain for the unaffiliated: the times that you are told to go find someone you don't know and MAKE SOME SORT of SMALL TALK! lol... (I have a friend that always manages to race to the bathroom once "the bell tolls" ... funny how 'Mother Nature' seems to strike at the SAME TIME every Sunday... :P )

While way too many people spend those looming 5 minutes interrogating and sucking information out of you like a trained CIA Agent, most folks are just trying to escape without incident... lol

We all have agendas, no? Needs to fill, quotas to meet - with jobs -they say it's not what you know but WHO you know...

At times, I have felt as if I only hear from people when they want something. That may, in fact, be true.

But then again, I guess we all DO have an agenda at times..

"Oh Don, I have to call Aunt Gertie to ask her for that pot roast recipe that Grandma used to make. I will get stuck on the phone forever, AND I will have to make small talk, too... *shake my head* Better butter up the old bird..."

I have noticed the insane amount of "events" that I get invited to... Some people use networking sites for the SOLE purpose of meeting their agenda. There are only so many things I can cram and press into an already tattered at the seams weekend... sigh ...

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I prefer to see you face to face...AND when I text, it's because I am not at a place where I can talk.. but I DO want to talk to you ... :)

I do, also, have to mention one wee detail.. Since I gave Jesus my life fifteen years ago, I also gave Him - the Great Tapestry Weaver, the rights to the agenda(s) as well.. while I sometimes grab them back like a starving Weight Watcher's dieter.... but that is another rabbit trail for another diatribe... :P

and He has the best agenda for me... and everyone He plants in my path :) so forget the agenda for just ONE moment... take the time for that lonely one this week... because truthfully, you never know what kind of impact you might make in their life!

Happy Fall Everyone!