A Little Bird Told Me..,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Music is a love language

Hey there! 

This old relic is from the mailing list we had in an old band, "Wow, am I tired"... the mantra for musicians, I think :) those were the days, though... Oh, inexhaustible energy, where have you gone?!?? 

Interestingly... they had me playing a "lefty" bass... I AM a lefty, but play right handed. I have laughed at this pic as long as it has been in existence... priceless... and those curlers... oh my... 
(Stephen, wasn't it Neal that drew this? I could be wrong) 

Ok... enough nostalgia... onto the topic at hand!

"Music knows it is and always will be one of the things that life just won't quit"... the words of Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke / Music in the Key of Life. 

When I am happy - there's funk, when I am sad: blues... (OF COURSE!) when I want adventure... there's reggae or traditional Irish music...  and if I were to want something romantic, well, ya can't beat old school Rhythm and Blues... when I want quiet - cool jazz or those lovely nature recordings... ahhhh peaceful!

Gospel is for always and anytime! Incidently, Christian music has come a looooong way! I can find any of the above styles in Jesus music :) 

I have found one thing that has not changed over the years... when I want to express myself, music is by and far the easiest way for me to do that. It comes as naturally as breathing. 

When I can't find the right words, I CAN find the right notes... my fingers can trail blaze, my voice can find it's harmony; deep calling to deep... groove beckons me to come and dine, and I am filled with a language that I love :) 

Is it any wonder that the most Love-laden book in the Bible, Psalms, is poetry put to music? Apparently, I am not alone in this :) 

While it's true that these days, I now find my truest joy when I am singing or playing for the One that created me, (I sing to Him and He sings back to my soul)  

Speaking of jamming, learn how to express yourself in more than one musical style, so you can be more fluent and "speak" with a broad variety of people - early on I listened to every style I could get my hands on, and incorporated elements into my playing for spice. 

Have a wonderful day, and go "speak" some great music! 

God bless!