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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ahhhhh... I LOVE this season!

Ah the amazing crisp cool autumn air! It almost begs to be breathed with gusto! I get energized in the fall. All the sluggishness of summer "falls off" : P, and I am renewed with vigor!

Pumpkin anything is on the menu, and the aroma of cider meanders through the kitchen as I create masterpieces again.

Why I fall for fall: The air is comfortable, and rarely humid - even in New England.. he he he ... You can cook and "not bake!" The flies magically disappear! That alone is reason to celebrate!

With a new season are new adventures. When you purpose to find something new and exciting, it lightens your heart, and you dwell with an air of expectancy. As soon as I get through Halloween, which I don't celebrate anymore, I know that Christmas is coming soon. While I tolerate winter, I adore Christmas! Talk about expectancy! But I will get to that later.

Thanksgiving is another season favorite for me. I am discovering thankfulness. Let me tell you that if your heart is thankful, there isn't a lot of room for other junk to settle there. You DO have to be intentional about it, though.

I had a lesson from a dear friend a few years back- when she first got "Super Connected" to her Heavenly Father, she began to pray constantly, cultivating a thankful heart. It has carried her through some grueling storms, and what a life raft. It has been inspirational to me, especially in learning to stop complaining.

Then there are the fairs, apples, and Roger's Orchards. GREAT TIMES! Nuff said.

Fall, the A/C gets a break, and for a woman that runs like a furnace, all I have to say is one word.......... RELIEF!!!!!

So as you see, it really IS the best season. What is your favorite season, and why?

Have a great day, and remember to respond in kindness today... you never know what kind of impact that you might have on a hurting and lost world...

PEAS out!!! <3>

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  1. I love the smells of Autumn too!! I would so much rather have the cold weather than the hot. Of course I'm getting amped about Thanksgiving and Christmas too....WOO-HOO!!!!