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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Made for more

Hello again!

It's Tuesday, but feels like Monday. I was away in New Bedford, Sunday celebrating a 40th (c'mon, do we really celebrate getting older??? ) birthday... May your day rock, Kris! <3>

Anyway, this weekend seemed to have a theme running through it. Like a finely woven tapestry.

Everywhere I turned there was some great (what we in churchland call) fellowship. I have found I can't live without it. When I am with my God family, we have a bond that we can't even explain, really. It's that wonderful spiritual connection that keeps us close.

When I am with my physical family, we have other bonds, i.e. the bonds of experience that keep us close. We laugh with and at each other... : P we cry with and for each other. We get aggravated as heck at each other. And somehow, hopefully, get past it. : )

When I was out in the bars playing music every other thing, I had a bond with the people that I played with. That was family. We made great (usually) music together, and we almost always had deep friendships with each other. Common cause was another great factor.

We so crave belonging, don't we? We were made to belong. Especially to the one that made us... : D

So what's the point of all this reflecting and rambling? Go out there and get threaded in!!! It's good for you!!!

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