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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Assembly Required

Hello again! What are you up to tonight? It's Saturday night after all, and most people are either "old" and in bed, cuz that is what old people do, : P, or they are off cavorting because soon they will be old, and not ready for bed. The other possibilities I don't want to even delve into, it is after all a "G" rated blog. : )

So, tonight, I am writing, and reflecting. In case you are wondering what the scary looking pic is, I have been working all week at a great job. I mean, it is! Really. For me, it's amazing! Too bad it's just a temporary position...

Great pay... a good workout- hey it takes me fifteen minutes to walk from the car to my desk!... two in the office- no women, just me and an engineer with social skills. Best part? NO PHONES!!! Can't get any better than that! The pic is a blueprint of some lock or door related product. I have been helping this company get their UL books in compliance. File auditing. Pouring through book after book with a lot of really old illustrations and blueprints. Hyper-linking. Detailed stuff...

Which brings me to the point. I eventually DO get to the point................. if you are not feint at heart. : ) Looking at the mass of directions in the blueprint, I started contemplating. (there's a surprise!)

The pic... isn't that how life is? We don't come with schematics, directions, or even an understanding of a lot of things. Many things are just plain unknowable. Messy? We are ever so messy, and generally have way too many malfunctions. If only we came with an owners manual! But we do!

There is definitely some assembly work required with us, isn't there? Thank God that we aren't subject to recalls simply because we make a mess out of things!

Leave a message if you like, I love hearing comments! Have an amazing week and don't forget to check out the 'Owner's Manual' today! The warranty is unlimited! <3>

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  1. Hey Lor-i! I always love reading your blogs. They make me smile, or chuckle, or full-out laugh till I cry (which you know doesnt take much). But best of all, they make me think. And as much as that hurts, its good (once in awhile at least). Keep up the great work, and I am waiting to see your articles in the papers and magazines.... ahem. ;)