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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cliff Hangers and Waiting

Happy Wednesday! It's funny... I get inspired to write in the strangest ways.. For those of you that know me, I know what you are thinking... keyword=strange.... lol...

Seriously, though, I was contemplating. I do that from time to time... keeps my mind guessing : P.

I love a good love story! A great plot, interesting and believable characters, and a little adventure or intrigue... Heat well, stir, and sip!

Keeping that thought in mind, what happens as your follow the story-besides the interruptions??? lol... well - as the plot unfolds, you follow and you wait... you wait to see how things are going to play out - unless you are one of the naughty ones that reads the end first - : P.

Wait... more's coming. Things are going to happen! Be patient (my personal favorite... ok... not! lol) If you sit tight, you will see change! Or the new catch phrase - "wait for it!" *eyeroll* NOT my favorite word... in my opinion, it's a four letter word. : P

Kind of like our lives. We spend sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much time waiting................................................... point made

When I record I wait endlessly for set up and drum adjustments. Thank God for laptops, iphones, and journals. Waiting AND being quiet?!?!?= interminable.

When I cook, I have to wait for the finished product. Who wants an apple pie that's half baked? Blech!

We wait for the weekend... the week can drone on and on, and the beloved FRIDAY hits like a champagne bottle on the side of a ship!

When I pray, I wait for an answer. Poor Daniel. In the Bible, his answer was delayed for three weeks due to spiritual "red tape" - aka - the old enemy of our souls mucking around and making trouble.

Someone precious to many of our hearts is waiting for a new lung, and discovering the infinite depths of the mercy of God. <3>

We wait in traffic. CT, FYI, does NOT wait well on the roads. Enough said.

We wait for results... tests, jobs, spouses, children, being reunited with those that you love <3>

We as believers wait and wait for our ticket to be validated when we enter Heaven's Gates! That ride is totally WORTH THE WAIT! ***see Owner for details, certain restrictions apply.. : D

So, here's the kicker: we are also waiting for Him to come back.. Here... really... He said so.. he also mentioned that we won't know when.

That is really the ultimate cliffhanger - don't you agree? and when He does, it will be worth the wait. Make sure you have your ticket!

Thanks to themorningsundotblogspotdotcom for the pic

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