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Monday, March 1, 2010

From A to B via C, D, E, and F...

Ok... here's a good one. I got inspired last week to dig up a recipe for a recipe exchange that my home group was doing on Friday. The assignment, should we accept, was to procure the finished dish and have the recipe on hand in case anyone wanted it. It was slated to happen on Friday night in Meriden. Thursday night, sitting at Frances' house, we both realized that - Oh no- it's tomorrow and we are NOT prepared!!! Then began the inevitable scramble and race to find the specific recipe that I wanted to make. If I had found said recipe, that would have started me down one trail- pretty much end of story. Instead, I found myself careening down another. Having just moved, again, I have boxes everywhere. Rabbit trail number one... running around madly trying to find the three recipe boxes, and locate the one that houses the recipe I want (no, no one else has the recipe that I know of). At this point I am finding every other recipe that I possess. Rabbit trail number two... with every recipe is a memory- where I obtained it, times in the past that I have prepared it, for whom.... etc.... well... I found one recipe box, had to go back to the storage unit three times to find the right box. You would think that I'd have learned the prior two times to CHECK THOROUGHLY first before leaving. With each box that I brought home from storage, I poured over each recipe. Trail number three...throwing away a few (dang few, lol) and retyping others that were faded or unreadable. Now I have to get a book to put the written ones in - especially those from mom, or that she wrote. Number four- all the recipe books I dug up in the process? Well, they are awaiting a place to rest in my room. The recipe? Still haven't made it yet.. But I DID find my frosting spatula!

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