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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clearly delineated lines.. well, maybe not sooo much

Ok.. so I have been a bass player for how long? Let's see.. I started playing in 1981.. I won't tell you how old I was, but sadly, I wasn't playing from the cradle... lol.. I started playing because my good friend, Valerie, played guitar and we wanted to start a band...

Back then, in what today's kids would call the "dark ages" : P , there weren't that many women that played the bass. Now we are many : ) ... So someday, if you like, I can tell you THAT story.. it's interesting, to say the least, but least I digress, as nearly always, let me TRY and stick to point.. this would in fact, be most unusual... : P

Since the onset of travelling in musical circles, and that is not necessarily where circular thinking comes in btw, I have seen many strange and wonderful things- but mostly the strange.

There was the episode with Cygnus, my first band. We were playing somewhere in the Springfield, MA area at the Glass Crutch - that takes the cake for the weirdest club name, incidently... anyway, a man walked in in a trench coat as we were setting up. He had a brown paper bag and sat, of course, directly in front of me. Glued to the mic I was, and unable to get very far away. We finished our soundcheck and started the first set.

There were three of us.. three.. myself, Diane Pellegatto - guitar, and Sue Eustace- drums. We played hard rock, metal - for the 80's this was unusual to say the least.. so our "friend" heads into the rest room and comes out considerably later.. He stands directly in front of me, mid set, and starts pulling plastic musical instruments out of the bag, one by one, and starts to play them... two feet in front of ME.... LOUDLY.... I am grimacing.. I can hear him... OVER the metal... and the other two are peeing themselves, laughing.

I have seen weird things...

Cut to scene ten years later... bar: Eli Cannons in Middletown, late afternoon. I am with The Betties... probably my favorite project that I have played with... we had a blast together, I learned more than I could have ever bargained for about playing, people, and of course, weirdness...

The guys and I are setting up, and a fellow walks in with a cast on his arm. He approaches me... of COURSE.... he hits on me... he just got back from the hospital where he got casted after getting into a fight.. which is directly after getting out of prison!!! I sure can pick em, huh!!!! Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic... yikes..

Ok.. cut to present .. now I have this awesome relationship with Jesus, and live to get closer to Him.. well.. I still play, but mostly at church, but there HAVE been sightings..........lol...

I had the privilege of playing with a great bunch of guys this weekend, we played at a conference, and I was the recipient of so many awesome things, besides enjoying the great music we made. A couple of the guys and I went out to lunch yesterday at the afternoon break.

After we ate, one of the guys, pipes up with "let's go get a pedicure!!!" I inwardly howled at the prospect, thinking of the great Brad Paisley song, "I'm Still a Guy"... you will have to check it out to understand that one.. he he he.... so after choking back my laughter, off we raced. The salon was closed, sadly, and we headed back to the gig. I had been wishing for a pedi, lately, too! Just never imagined the company could be two guys!

So maybe the lines aren't so delineated... but you know what? I can say for sure that I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, life isn't boring!!!

Have a great week, and try not to stay "in the box".. it can get pretty cramped in there! <3

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