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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A New Day

What an absolutely gorgeous day!!! With dew point and humidity actually cooperating - it's perfect!

Yesterday was humid, icky, and uncomfortable. 

But today is a new day... Carpe Diem!!!

That means seize the day in Latin. 

Seize, according to the incomparable wisdom of Google: 

Verb: 1.to take hold of suddenly and forcibly.
2. Capture (a place) using force. 

Wow, that is intense! 

Therefore, with all the passion I have, I am going to make the most of this gift, today

So I will love hard and make the most of who and what I have been given. 

I am learning to live in the moment, rather than worrying, fretting about things in the future - which usually don't end up happening anyway,  and dwelling in the mistakes of yesterday. 

Chew on this promise from God's Word: 

The faithful love of the Lord NEVER ends, 
His mercies NEVER cease.
Great is His faithfulness;
His mercies begin afresh EVERY morning!
Lamentations 3:22,23 

So, as you are loved,  go out and do the same!

God bless! 



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