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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can someone PLEASE turn off the heat?

I knew that hitting what I call "mental-pause" wasn't going to be a picnic. In addition, clearly, my "mental" has paused... :) 

Seriously, I have never liked the summer. While summer affords longer days and school-free time, the scorching "Triple H" days send me running off to every freezer door I can find. 

My lure is cool crisp autumn days, with fairs, pumpkins, and sweet blessed heat-relief. Energy comes bounding back; I become a fanatical time stacker: packing every moment of fun into a desperately short wink of a season.

Comedian Jeff Allen talks about his wife's uncomfortable foray into "Furnace mode":

While I am glad that I don't go this alone, I wouldn't wish this insanity on anyone... not even legislators...:P 

I guess I need to concentrate on making some good memories with those I love while the days are longer... and of course, the countdown to cooler begins... as of now it's 51 days!  <>< 

*Jeff Allen's link used with permission 

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