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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho Ho Ho...

Well.. it's been nearly a month since I have blogged anything... but that, of course, doesn't mean I haven't had anything to say : P

I need to mention that I am having some technical issues with blogspot, so the colors and sizes haven't been all that uniform... siiigh

Anyway, it's that time again. Nearly. Christmas. The time when wonder and the "magic" of the season get a grip of your heart and make your insides warm and fuzzy? (BEFORE the cocktail?) lol... parties, and fun-filled preparations???

That time when good cheer reigns, and people are filled with joy, and hope?

Hmmm...that's what I thought.

It's been a few years like that for me, too... in fact. in 2008, I almost wished Christmas would jump off a cliff.. no, not literally. I love the Lord too much for that, but I wasn't in any position to celebrate. Mom had just died and my world was turned upside down.

In fact, for so many, it seems to get so much worse at the holidays. More people commit suicide and end up in treatment around Christmas...I see everyone rushing around, but no one getting anywhere in a hurry... traffic is in a sluggish, derailed, hostile mess as December 25th approaches. I won't even address the gifts that you wish you had or hadn't gotten, and wish you had given, or hadn't... : ) "I KNEW Aunt Eloise already had a set of matching golf clubs in neon pink!"

It started off simple. One unwed mother with a gracious husband. and the Child? He was born in a feeding trough. a few animals and shepards. blissfully quiet... I bet there weren't any sales or light displays, either no tacky silver trees with plastic ornaments (ugh)...or fruitcake... thank God.
And, rather unfortunately, probably no eggnog flavored lattes... : )

May I point out one very significant detail? At a time when the last thing so many lonely people want to do is celebrate?

That Gift, the Saviour of the World, is still waiting for us to come and spend time with Him. Sans the mayhem, or even in the midst of it :>

This year, I wish you peace!

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  1. Ooops, obviously she didn't stay unwed, did she? : P