A Little Bird Told Me..,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Itching... it can be agonizing.. that itchy spot.. right in the upper center of your back.. JUST out of reach of the back scratcher. Those are some miserable moments.. Using door frames, rulers, spatulas, almost anything to relieve the itch. What are your inventive itch relievers? I have seriously been considering inventing a fold-able back scratcher that can mold to your back. Just working on the details... The itch can drive you almost to desperation.

and when you get relief??? ahhhhhhhhh.... it settles you immediately! I have been extra itchy lately.. itchy mood, itchy skin (ah, New England winters!!) and itchy to play my bass... it's been a while. I think I can count on one hand the times in the past 6 months that I have played my bass with anyone else.. Me.. the one that used to fall asleep with the bass in my hands. I would take that thing everywhere, just for the desperate chance to play. Hoping against all hope that a jam would break out, and I could, once again, scratch that itch..

It's amazing. Put me with some reasonably talented players and I can thrive. There is nothing like a good challenge. It's exhilarating to write bass lines on the spot. Especially if they are in an unusual time signature, or the groove is phat! Oh, I love those times!! More often than not lately, I have had mediocre play, mediocre enthusiasm, and mediocre results. My heart doesn't engage in those times. I am balancing a checking account rather than charting new territory musically. Give me a 5/4 with min/major scale, augment and suspend it some, and I am floating.. <3

I am itching spiritually, too. itching to be more than I am. itching to soar. itching to be cradled in Arms that keep me from mediocrity. In and of myself, I am medicore.. sadly.. but lifted high above my circumstances, I can fly. Itching for this winter of my life to be over with.

I finally started to do something about the musical itch. it's time..

Now about the itch to fly.

Much love to you as you search for the Back Scratcher!

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