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Monday, February 22, 2010

Daddy's Love

Let's face it.. There are few things more precious than a baby. A squirming cooing, drooling, squalling bundle of joy! Today was the pilgrimage to New Hampshire to bring my aunt to see Kim and Jason's newborn. Well, almost. He is now all of seven weeks. : ) .. what a roly poly adorable little man! Between Rylin: the French Bull Dog, and Braylon: the easily most beautiful baby boy ever, I had my eyes, ears, and hands full. It's wonderful to see a baby change the house. Four women sitting around cooing and fawning over every single movement, burp, and wet grin. In twenty years he will most likely ache for four women (hopefully not so old, lol) to fawn over him that much... : )

Auntie and I were talking about him the whole two and a half hour ride home. Of course! His every move, who evoked the most grins, and of course the inevitable "which parent he resembles more". What an inexhaustible font of gushing we had!

Imagine another scene with me. A pretty remarkable one, at that. A Father that is looking at His child. Every step, every tear, every laugh, every movement watched over, every victory applauded. Heaven sized hugs from a proud Daddy... "That one is Mine", He says proudly to the onlookers. As they look more closely, the ensuing discourse is about who the child resembles. The Father laughs and says, "Can't you see?? She looks like Me!"

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