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Friday, August 5, 2016

Honesty is the best policy.. unless you work there...

Unheard of... another post... three in a week... hold onto your shorts, this is a good one... 

(I have no idea where that little ditty on the left is from, but I love it!) Progress- not perfection, right? Thanks to Facebook- the land of perpetual plagiarism...

Which brings me to today's topic... 

Maintaining honesty (integrity) in today's world. 

It IS possible. Sometimes, it's even entertaining... 

A few nights ago, I had to mail out a few packages from a local office supply store that also does USPS/Fed-Ex, UPS, etc... 

As I entered, I realized I needed the mailer packages, so I sauntered off to get the two I needed. 

Approaching the area designated for "mailing," I saw that there were a plethora of people waiting to be served, and the two girls behind the counter were wrapped up in one particular (agonizingly demanding) customer. 

It was interminably hot in the store. As I steeled myself for a long wait; drenched, I thought of the Uber rides I could be providing. 

Needless to say, I forgot to pay for the shipping mailers in my hurry to leave. 

Three Uber rides later, I was back at said store to pay for my envelopes. After taking a screen shot of the two (different) envelopes' SKUs, I headed off to the clerk I had dealt with earlier.  

The clerk looked at me like I had three heads as I explained my visit's purpose.

She sent me off to another clerk to try and pay. After explaining my story repeatedly, he responded that he was shocked that I came back to pay for it. I told him that I answer to a Higher Authority that wouldn't appreciate me stealing. 

He then proceeded to charge me for two of the smaller envelopes, rather than the larger and smaller - hence, too little. Negating the receipt, I was still pondering the math as I left the store.  

As I was trying to get away  leaving, the Holy Spirit prompted me to go back and explain, yet again, that I owed them money... 

Wanting ever so much to actually leave the store, I strode back in again. 

Visions of the movie Ground Hog Day filled my mind and dazed expressions of disbelief greeted me with the next set of obstacles clerks, as I again explained that I needed to pay more. 

They ambled of to find the manager. He came back with them, and said, "Ma'am, while we really appreciate your honesty, let's just call this thing even. Have a nice night." 

I just find it so curious that it was so shocking that I would want to make things right. 

But yet and still, I maintain that I did the right thing. Lights in the darkness, right? ;) 


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