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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

View from the Three Trees

Here is a picture taken from my parking spot. As for why I call it "Three trees" it is anyone's guess- :p ... it does come in handy in the dark when you can't see the numbers on the parking spaces : )

It helps having some sort of compass. I navigate for a living. Kind of ironic considering my appalling lack of a sense of direction.

But I DO have some wonderful navigational tools. First of all, I want to give kudos to Garmin, I am thankful, eternally, for my navigator- I use the male Australian, Lee. He is, at times, most irritatingly repetitious... the mute button is a godsend. : )

There are times when a map just doesn't cut it. When you are trying to find your pick up or drop off location, and there is a mess of construction, the GPS is a solid tool to help you get around. Especially when you have to do it on the "fly" - keyword fly in my case : D ...With my bad vision, I can't use the maps anymore.

Another great tool is my iphone. That in itself is a gem. The Google Maps application is wonderful - you can actually SEE the street that you program into it. I can't tell you how handy THAT one is!

I get weather updates when I need them. At your fingertips is a whole litany of information. If only the traffic and construction updates were as accurate.. lol.. but on a side and hugely long awaited note (D#) lol, the new Route 72 is due to open up on MONDAY!! Finally!! Thank You, Lord!!!! I am going to have a party! The delays and problems and utterly endless SNARLS of traffic are soon to come to a SCREECHING HALT!! : P

I do have one more navigational tool that I cannot live without... that would be God's Word... It is a compass for life, and keeps me from stumbling around in the dark, lost with no flashLight.. : ) and when you tend to be as distractable as I, you need something solid!

When I keep my focus grounded on that, I can get where I need to get without running around the mountain forty times... longer... than... needed... : D

It can get ugly, lonely, and pretty dark out there.

So, get yourself a good Navigation system! <3

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