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Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing for an audience of One .... and....

So...Happy Monday! This weekend was great! I played Friday night, Sat evening, Sunday AM three times! It was a pleasure- my leader at New Life, Jean Sandoval, is a really engaging leader.. it's been a thrill to have the interaction.. and I LOVE that... I love to get lost in the presence of God - there aren't enough words to describe that one.. : D .. but on a human level, that is one of the things that I miss the most about playing in church... the joy of playing!!! not just about sounding good, although, it crushes my flesh and tests me painfully when I sound bad... ahhhhhhh... but the interaction when we play.. it's precious to me..

I am binding with the team, and for me, the relational stuff is as important as leading people into worship. The interplay between us is as much fun as it can be. We listen to each other.. really listen. The quandry? How can we play skillfully without keeping people so captivated by skill that they forget the Lord? How can we entice those watching to GO DEEPER? Short of playing behind a black curtain, I haven't a clue. My job is to seek after God with my whole heart, show up with the right attitude, and let my Papa set the agenda... <3>

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