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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take Me Out of the Box!!!

Do you know what I find curious?  I am in the process of moving... odious work, that... packing well should be an Olympic sport... trying to pack X amount of stuff into packaging designed for half of the amount that is to be smashed and squashed into it... well, that right there is an engineer's nightmare... and OF COURSE I digress... 

Sitting here, in my room, surrounded by boxes of all shapes, sizes, and purposes, I am reminded of something... 

It's curious that I am also surrounded by boxes of another kind... rather than protect and transport, these are the kind that hinder, limit and deflate. 

You know THOSE boxes.  I am talking about the boxes that we use to put ourselves into.  OR worse, others. We form ideas about things, people, and situations... What we don't understand we put into a neat little mental image... the walls of the box go up.  Carefully,we cover what we started with until it is unrecognizable...WE decide what truth is and carefully wrap it in bubble wrap and layers of tape!

We hide in our boxes so that others can't hurt us. We put others in boxes by limiting them, as well... We label them with labels- aka, "clothes" that they were never intended to wear.  

We also put God in a box, in our little minds, we make Him to be all the things that we THINK He is... We, made in His image - make Him, in ours... 

We weren't meant to be confined to little thinking and dead end roads... 
We were designed to SOAR... Gliding over the clouds of doubt and discouragement, we were created to FLY! Not limited to the small ideas of man, we need to dream BIG!.... Even moreover, we need to believe the Words of a Big God (oh!) to make the dreams a reality... to make them happen in ways that we can't even think or imagine! The unfathomable resources of the King of every King! He says that His ways are so much higher than ours... is it any wonder our vision is so small? We lack the vantage view! 

So... take me out of your box.. and I will take you out of mine... and may we learn to take HIM out of His :) 

God bless!  

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